Lectures in Conference/meetings:



  • Tips for Trans radial PCI- CAD Mumbai, Oct 2014
  • An Unusual Steal syndrome- Victoria Hospital, Seychelles- Aug 2014
  • Rotablation in a patient with acute STEMI complicated by Cardiogenic Shock- TIC, Jan 2015
  • Valve in Valve implantation to prevent acute prosthetic valve migration in TAVI- India live, Chennai- Feb 2015
  • Latest innovation in Interventional Cardiology- ANNA University- March 2015
  • ANTEGRADE CTO PCI with STINGRAY balloon- IJCTO, Pune- June 2015
  • REVERSE CART CTO PCI of RCA via 14 year old Vein graft- IJCTO, Pune- June 2015
  • Advances in Interventional Cardiology- IMA Kodambakkam, Chennai- Sept 2015
  • Hypercholesterolemia management- How low do we go? – Chennai, Oct 2015
  • TRYTON: newer dedicated Bifurcation stent technology- Bifurcation Symposium, Chennai- Oct 2015
  • Complex Rotablation with multi-vessel PCI with IABP support in a patient with severe LV impairment- ACT conference, Chennai- Nov 2015
  • Cilnidipine- Newer perspective in Hypertension management- HDL Conclave, Ambey Valley, Maharashtra- Nov 2015
  • TAVI- Current perspective: CHETCARDIOCON, Chennai- Dec 2015
  • Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS): An update- CHETCARDIOCON, Chennai- Dec 2015
  • Successful bail-out of snapped balloon post rotablation in a post CABG patient- TIC, Chennai- Jan 2016
  • CME- IMA Avadi/Ambattur- Advances in interventional cardiology- 26th May 2016
  • IJCTO- Knuckle wire technique- 4th June 2016
  • ALICE APOLLO- TIMING of intervention in Aortic valve disease- Sept 2016
  • GULF PCR Faculty- 14/15 Dec 2016
  • Grand Round Apollo- 9th Dec 2016 (Mending the heart by drilling)
  • Tambaram IMA Talk- 8th Jan 2017
  • Philips talk
  • Vymada Talk- “Paradigm Shift in Heart Failure”
  • Nigeria doctors talk
  • TAPICON, July 2017- Chennai- Multivessel PCI vs CABG in post syntax era
  • ALICE, Sept 2017- Chennai- Multivessel PCI in acute STEMI
  • STEMI Talk- Nov 2017- Chennai- BEATS conference
  • IMA annual conference- TIMACON, 10th Dec 2017- Current status of TAVI
  • LMS/CTO summit- “Paradigm shift in heart failure”- Feb 2018
  • Euro PCR- Cases- May 2018
  • Meghalaya Medical Association, Shillong- Complex angioplasties unravelled- 29, June 2018
  • Vascular summit- OCT guided PCI of LMCA bifurcation- 21 st July 2018, Chennai
  • Paradigm shift in heart failure- IMA Trichy, 22nd July 2018
  • Diabetes and ARNI- ARNI symposium, Chennai- 18 Aug 2018
  • OCT guided PCI- Tirupur IMA, 15th Sept 2018
  • OCT guided LMS PCI- CHIP PCI quarterly meet- 28th Sept, 2018
  • Latest AHA/ACC Guideline on management of Cholesterol- Nov 2018, Chennai
  • BURR conference- SRMC, Chennai- Rotablation in a patient with ACS
  • Diabetes and Heart Failure- DCTCON, Trichy- 16/2/19
  • Latest Updates in Interventional Cardiology- Villivakkam IMA- 23 Feb, 19
  • PCI in Atrial fibrillation- latest trials- Dept teaching, Mar 2019
  • Taking the bye-pass route- Dept teaching, Mar 2019
  • Latest Advances in Int Cardiology- Sylhet, Bangladesh- 26th April,2019
  • Latest Advances in Int Cardiology- Myanmar- 25th May 2019
  • Radial Access in CHIP PCI- 14 Jul 2019- CHIP INDIA, Chennai
  • Use of IVUS in PCI- 24 July 2019, Tirunelveli Cardiology club, Nellai
  • Anomalous LMS ISR PCI with OCT guidance- 9 Aug, 2019- IPCI programme, ITC, Chennai
  • FFR guidance in PCI- Diabetic conference, Madurai- 18 Aug 2019
  • Repositioning TAVI valve after deployment- 7 Sept 2019, India Valve, Chennai
  • Unusual cases in my interventional practice- ICC Kochi, 20 Sept 2019
  • State of the art Intervention- LMS intervention- ALICE 2019, 22 Sept 2019
  • Imaging guided LMS intervention- Indian Society of Cardiology Annual Conference, SRM Hospital, Chennai, 28 Sept 2019




1.Radial Access in CHIP PCI

Showkathali, R. Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai

SINERGY 2019- Serbian Interventional Cardiology Conference

2. Successful bail-out of snapped balloon after Rotablation.

Showkathali R. Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai

Euro PCR 2018, Paris

3. Successful bail-out of complication of SVG PCI.

Showkathali R. Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai

Euro PCR 2018, Paris

4. Use of novel embolic deflector device during TAVI in a patient with mural LV thrombus.

Showkathali R, Dworakowski R, Deshpande R, Monaghan M, Olaf Wendler, MacCarthy P, Byrne J. King’s College Hospital, London

PCR London Valves Sept 2013, London

5. Valve in valve implantation to prevent acute prosthetic valve migration during TAVI

Showkathali R, Dworakowski R, Deshpande R, Monaghan M, Olaf Wendler, Byrne J, MacCarthy P. King’s College Hospital, London

PCR London Valves Sept 2013, London

6. Rotablation in A Patient With Cardiogenic Shock And Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction.

Showkathali R, Sayer J. The Essex CTC

Transcatheter Therapeutics (TCT) Nov 2012, Miami, USA



  • Outcome of PPCI activity in Essex- Regional training day presentation, Chelmsford, UK- Nov 11g
  • “Biodegradable stents: Where are we now”- Regional training day presentation- Sept 10
  • Regular case presentations (interesting cases) in the monthly training days at Essex CTC.
  • “An unusual steal syndrome”- Grand round, Princess Alexandra Hospital- April 10
  • “Familial Hypercholesterolemia”- Journal club presentation, Essex- Oct 2009
  • Role of primary PCI for acute myocardial infarction- Grand round- Basildon Hospital, August 2008
  • “Universal definition of myocardial infarction”- Journal club presentation, Essex- Mar 2008
  • Success and outcome of RF ablation for atrial flutter in patients with severe pulmonary hypertension- presented in London electrophysiology group (LEG) meeting- April 2007
  • “Atherosclerosis regression: the Holy Grail?” – Grand round presentation, Hammersmith Hospital, London- May 2006